Resolver Alignment on Siemens Servo motors- signals


The number of sine and cosine periods per revolution corresponds to the number of pole pairs of the resolver. In the case of a 2-pole resolver, the evaluation electronics may output an additional zero pulse per encoder revolution. This zero pulse ensures a unique assignment of the position information in relation to an encoder revolution. A 2-pole resolver can therefore be used as a single-turn encoder.

2-pole resolvers can be used for motors with any number of poles. With multi-pole resolvers, the pole pair numbers of the motor and the resolver are always identical, so that the resolution is correspondingly higher than with 2-pole resolvers.


Resolvers without DRIVE‑CLiQ interface1)

Resolver p = 1

2-pole resolver

Resolver p = 3

6-pole resolver

Resolver p = 4

8-pole resolver

Resolvers with DRIVE-CLiQ interface


Resolver 15 bit
(resolution 32768, internal, multi-pole)


Resolver 14 bit
(resolution 16384, internal, 2-pole)

1) Output signals:

    2-pole resolver: 1 sin/cos signal per revolution

    6-pole resolver: 3 sin/cos signals per revolution

    8-pole resolver: 4 sin/cos signals per revolution

Technical specifications


Resolvers without DRIVE‑CLiQ interface

Excitation voltage, rms

2 ... 8 V

Excitation frequency

5 ... 10 kHz

Output signals

Usine track = r × Uexcitation × sin α

Ucosine track = r × Uexcitation × cos α

α = arctan (Usine track/Ucosine track)

Transmission ratio

r = 0.5 ± 5 %

Resolvers with DRIVE‑CLiQ interface

Supply voltage

24 V

  • Resolution


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