We supply Encoders with Incremental signals - ~11 µAPP sinusoidal signals. We have Heidenhain and other Equivalent Encoders available. 

The ~11 µAPP are in stock at Dubai available for despatch

HEIDENHAIN encoders with ~11 µAPP

interface provide current signals. They are intended for connection to ND position display units or EXE pulse-shaping electronics from HEIDENHAIN.

The sinusoidal incremental signals I1 and I2 are phase-shifted by 90° elec. and have signal levels of typically 11 µAPP.

The illustrated sequence of output signals—with I2 lagging I1—applies to  the direction of motion shown in the dimension drawing, and for retracting plungers of length gauges.

The reference mark signal I0 has a usable component G of approx. 5.5 µA.

The data on signal amplitude apply when the supply voltage given in the Specifications is connected at the encoder. They refer to a differential measurement between the associated outputs. The signal

amplitude decreases with increasing frequency. The cutoff frequency indicates

the scanning frequency up to which a certain percentage of the original signal

amplitude is maintained:

• –3 dB cutoff frequency:

70% of the signal amplitude

• –6 dB-cutoff frequency:

50% of the signal amplitude

Interpolation/resolution/measuring step

The output signals of the 11 µAPP interface are usually interpolated in the subsequent

electronics—ND position displays or EXE pulse-shaping electronics from HEIDENHAIN—in

order to attain sufficiently high resolutions.



Sinusoidal current signals » 11 µAPP

Incremental signals

Two nearly sinusoidal signals I1 and I2

Signal amplitude M: 7 to 16 µAPP/typically 11 µAPP

Asymmetry IP – NI/2M: ≤0.065

Amplitude ratio MA/MB: 0.8 to 1.25

Phase angle Iϕ1 + ϕ2I/2: 90° ± 10° elec.

Reference mark signal

One or more signal peaks I0

Usable component G: 2 µA to 8.5 µA

Switching threshold E, F: ≥ 0.4 µA

Zero crossovers K, L: 180° ± 90° elec.


Connecting cables Cable length Propagation time

Shielded HEIDENHAIN cable

PUR [3(2 · 0.14 mm2 ) + (2 · 1 mm2 )]

Max. 30 m with 90 pF/m distributed capacitance 6 ns/m

Output(Encoders)=Sine Current ~11µAPP

Heidenhain LS 603C 320MM 336 973-72 [id Nr. 336 973 72]with Reader Head

Heidenhain LS 603C 320MM 336 973-72 [id Nr. 336 973 72]with ...

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Sales price: $1,250.00

ROD 456.0000-500 ID.NR. 295 459 44 295.459.44

500 Pulse per revolutions with cable Open Wire Ends

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