The HAS data communication is a Highspeed-Asynchronous-Serial transmission for binary position data with 24 bits data length. The electric data correspond to the

RS422 interface with two lines for the inverted and the not inverted signal. The baud rate used in the HAS protocol is 125 kBaud. In each case 8 data bit are

transferred together with 1 parity, 1 start bit and 1 stop bit. At a position report altogether 4 characters each with 8 bits are transferred. The transmission of a

complete position report with pause takes 500μs. Thus, the positions are transferred in 2 kHz rhythm. To guarantee an error-free data transmission, twisted-pair lines must be used. Under ideal conditions the data transmitting length is max. 1000 m.

Encoder interface: HAS-Interface (Highspeed-Asynchronous-Serial)