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SICK (USED) Encoder ATM60-P4H13X13 ATM60P4H13X13 1030013 1 030 013 (2)
SICK (USED) Encoder ATM60-P4H13X13 ATM60P4H13X13 1030013 1 030 013 (1)

SICK (USED) Encoder ATM60-P4H13X13 ATM60P4H13X13 1030013 1 030 013

Sales price $950.00
Profibus 26bit-8192x8192

SICK  atm60-p4h13x13 Encoder.

USED in Excellent Working Condition without  Box.

Sick ATM60-P4H13X13 ABSOLUTE ENCODER 1030013


ATM60-P4H13X13 Absolute Encoder Multiturn 8192 x 8192, 24V / Profibus

Sick ATM60-P4H13X13 (1030013)

ATM60-P4H13X13 ABSOLUTE ENCODER MULTITURN 8192 x 8192, 24V / Profibus

Sick ATM60-P4H13X13 (1030013) Overview

ATM60-P4H13X13 ABSOLUTE ENCODER MULTITURN 8192 x 8192, 24V / Profibus

Sick ATM60-P4H13X13 (1030013) Description

    • Extremely robust absolute multiturn encoder with 26-bit resolution
    • Face mount flange, servo flange and blind hollow shaft
    • Zero-set and preset functions via hardware or software
    • No battery required
    • Interfaces: PROFIBUS, CANOpen, DeviceNet, SSI, Gray, Gray excess, Binary code
    • Rotary axis function (optional)
    • Magnetic scanning

Your benefits

  • An encoder for all resolutions, singleturn and multiturn freely programmable
  • Wide range of applications due to numerous facilities for electrical connection (cable, M12, PG, M23)
  • High plant availability due to lack of maintenance requirements for the encoders
  • Hollow-shaft base unit with flexible application possibilities due to simple interchangeability of collets measuring between 6 and 15 mm in diameter
  • Quick commissioning using the zero-set/preset function either at a press of the button on the unit or via a software program
  • Reliable performance, even in harsh ambient conditions, due to acceptable shock and vibration values
  • Quicker access to replacement parts thanks to global service network.

Mechanical data
Mechanical interface: Solid shaft, Face mount flange
Shaft diameter: 10 mm x 19 mm
Start up torque with shaft seal: 2.5 Ncm
Start up torque without shaft seal: 0.5 Ncm
Operating torque with shaft seal: 1.8 Ncm
Operating torque without shaft seal: 0.3 Ncm 1)
Permissible shaft loading radial/axial: 300 N, 50 N
Maximum operating speed: 6,000 U/min
Moment of inertia of the rotor: 35 gcm2
Bearing lifetime: 3.6 x 10^9 revolutions
Max. angular acceleration: 5 x 10^5 rad/s2
Mass: 0.59 kg (for an encoder with connector outlet)
1) In case, that shaft seal has been removed by customer  
Electrical data
Electrical interface: 10 V ... 32 V, Profibus
Connection type: Bus adaptor
Power consumption: 2 W
Supply voltage: 10 V ... 32 V
SET (electronic adjustment): PRESET push button or protocol
Bus interface: RS-485 1) 2) 3)
Data protocol: Profile for Encoders (07hex)
Encoder profile: Device Profile V0 Class 2
Address setting: 0 ... 127, DIP-switches or protocol
Data transmission rate (baud rate): 9.6 kBaud 12 MBaud Automatic detection
Status information: LED green (operation), LED red ( bus activity)
Bus termination: DIP switch
Electrical connection: Bus adaptor with 3 screw fixings
1) EN 50 170-2  2) DIN 19245 part 1-3  3) DC isolated via opto-couplers  
Ambient data
EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
Protection class housing side with connector outlet: IP 65 1)
Protection class housing side with cable outlet: IP 65
Protection class shaft side without shaft seal: IP 43
Protection class shaft side with shaft seal: IP 66
Protection class standard: IEC 60529
Working temperature range: -20 °C ... 80 °C
Storage temperature range: -40 °C ... 125 °C, without package
Resistance to shocks: 100 g, 6 ms (EN 60068-2-27)
Resistance to vibration: 20, 10 ... 2,000 (EN 60068-2-6)
Air humidity: 98 %
1) With Profibus connection adaptor fitted  
System data
Max. number of turns: 8,192
Resolution: 8,192 x 8,192
Error limits: ± 0.25 °
Repeat accuracy: 0.1
Measuring step: 0.043 °
Initialization time: 1,250 1)
Max. number of steps per revolution: 8,192
1) Valid positional data can be read once this time has elapsed  
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